Rosina Lam(林夏薇) To Lead TVB’s “Reversal Of Fate(逆緣)”

Rosina Lam Learning Japanese

Rosina Lam 林夏薇 is trying out her role image for TVB’s new series, Reversal of Fate(逆緣) on June 2017. In the series, she will be acting as a model with mixed Chinese and Japanese, and will be dating Carlos Chan 陳家樂 in the TV series as well. As the nature of her character, Rosina expressed that it is very challenging for her because she will have to speak Japanese. In order to speak fluently during the drama, Rosina has spent some time to take Japanese classes, and watch Japanese TV series in her spare time. “I totally could not understand anything while watching the Japanese TV series, and I face tremendous pressure when reading all the scripts in Japanese.”


In Reversal of Fate (逆緣), Patricia Ha 夏文汐 will be acting as Rosina’s auntie, and they will have a lot of scenes together. “She is an elegant and beautiful woman, so I feel very happy to film this series with her.”


Rosina Lam & Raymond Lam

林夏薇 (born 30 June 1987), also known by her English name Rosina Lam, is a Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong’s TVB. Rosina is the only child of her family and also popular singer-actor Raymond Lam 林峰 cousin. At 16 years old Lin took part in a National Rising Star Competition in which she won first place, from then she discovered her passion for acting and enrolled herself in the Beijing Central Academy of Drama. She graduated in the year 2009. Upon graduation, Rosina went on to join the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre as a full-time actress. In 2011, she signed on with TVB as an actress.


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